Terms & Conditions

We absolutely require proper identification be presented before all piercing and jewelry changing procedures, even for returning clients.
Any person 21 years of age or older getting pierced must present government-issued ID that has your photo, date of birth, and an expiration date (e.g. a driver's license, civil ID, passport). Paper/temporary IDs are acceptable, but we cannot accept expired IDs under any circumstances.
We do not do any piercings on anyone under the age of 21 without a parent/legal guardian present and consenting, unless the minor is emancipated. No relative or other adult that is not the legal guardian may give consent for a minor. Minors who have been emancipated will need to bring documentation of proof and may consent for themselves.
The parent/legal guardian must bring the following:
• The guardian’s government-issued photo ID
• Proof of the child’s age/date of birth (birth certificate, a driver's license, civil ID, passport etc.)
• Proof of their relationship to the minor (birth certificate, guardianship paperwork, etc.)
• The name of the parent or guardian MUST match the birth certificate or other documentation.
• We cannot ONLY accept the minor's passport, as this would not provide proof of relationship.
• All documents presented MUST be legal documents.
• The consenting adult must remain in the building during entire the procedure.

Age Policies
Our piercers reserve the right to make ethical decisions (especially with minor clients and their guardians) about what's best for their bodies; this includes choosing not to pierce a client because of age. For more about reasons why one may be unable to receive a piercing, see the below section titled, "Potential Restrictions from Getting Pierced".
• Infant clients and up may receive ear lobe piercings.
• Clients 12 - 15 years of age may receive earlobe & basic helix (ear cartilage) piercings only.
• Minor clients 15 years of age and older can enjoy our full range of services with the exception of surface and tongue piercings.
• Clients 21 years of age and older can enjoy our full range of services.

Potential Restrictions from Getting Pierced*
• We cannot pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing. A mother's body is undergoing many changes that can make healing a piercing very difficult. Plus, in the unlikely event a mother were to develop an infection, it could be hazardous to the child/fetus.
• Everyone's body is very different, and some piercings are anatomy-dependent. We won't do any piercing that we do not think is safe or would not likely heal well or be comfortable.
• If the area which you are requesting to have pierced is experiencing a rash, outbreak, or other condition, we ask that you return for that piercing when that part of the body is healthy and well again. If you generally are prone to skin conditions in the area, we may discuss not performing the piercing at all.
• Our piercers reserve the right to turn down any client who is being argumentative, disorderly, or does not seem mature or healthy enough to get a piercing on that particular day. That is not to say that an individual turned down for those reasons cannot get pierced at a later date.
*This is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why one might get turned down for piercings, and our piercers reserve the right to turn down anyone for a piercing.

Considerations Before Getting Pierced
• Swimming: Submerging a fresh piercing under water increases the likelihood of infection and other issues significantly during the entirety of its healing, which, for almost all piercings, lasts for multiple months. If you plan to swim at all within the near future, we recommend waiting to get the piercing. If you must swim, we recommend a waterproof dressing/bandage to cover the entire piercing area without pulling on the skin.
• Headphones/Headsets and Stethoscopes: Any outside object that goes in or over the ears after a fresh piercing can add unnecessary scratching/movement, pressure, and foreign "gunk". Two major culprits of these - on daith and tragus piercings especially, but with all piercings of the ears - are headphones and stethoscopes. If you plan to get one of these piercings, we strongly recommend not wearing your headphones/headsets and stethoscopes in/on that ear until the piercing is completely healed (which will take several months). Doing so can cause many issues, such as lengthening healing times, causing the piercing to grow crooked, and increasing the likelihood of rejection and infection.
• Sleeping: With any piercing, you absolutely should not sleep on it during the duration of its healing (which is multiple months for most piercings). Sleeping on a piercing can cause irritation bumps, increased healing times, crooked piercings, or even rejection.
o If you want to get both ears pierced, we generally recommend against doing so at the same time (except your ear lobes) in order for you to have a side on which you can sleep while your first piercing heals. If you feel that you can go without sleeping on the piercings, we have no problem doing both in the same day.
• Future medical procedures: If you know you have an upcoming medical procedure, we recommend waiting to get your piercing. 
• Employers: Not all work places are accepting of piercings, and some piercings are accepted better than others. We strongly recommend checking your employee manual or speaking with your employer/supervisor before getting a piercing.
• Other considerations: Other things to consider when getting a piercing and where to get it might include if you own a pet, have long hair, use make-up near the piercing site, tend to wear tight clothes around the site, or have small children who might smack or grab at the jewelry.
Oral piercings have some specific considerations.
• Teeth chipping and gum erosion can occur with any oral piercing. Gum erosion is gradual, not overnight, and we recommend retiring a piercing if you or your dentist notice this occurring.
• As an oral piercing is healing, though primarily for the first few days, talking can be difficult. If this can pose as a problem for you, we recommend planning accordingly!
• Spicy/salty/acidic foods, oral contact with other people, and smoking can all affect the swelling and heal time of the piercing. It is important to especially to back off of the spicy and salty foods for the first few days after getting a new piercing.

Bringing Children into the Studio
We do allow children and babies in our studio with adult supervision, but the adult cannot be the one who is also receiving the piercing. We also ask that you respect our other clients at the studio by taking loud or hyperactive children outside until they can calm down, or return another day when they are better behaved. 
*We do have a children’s playing area in our premises.

No member of our staff is responsible for watching unattended children, and their parent/guardian is responsible for anything potentially broken or damaged.
If a parent/guardian is bringing a child for a piercing and is bringing another child that is not getting pierced, we ask that you please bring another adult to watch that child while the parent/guardian provides support for the child getting pierced. Children can read body language very well, and if a parent is distracted having to divide attention between multiple children and having to scold other children in the room, the child getting pierced will become much more stressed and have an unpleasant experience.

Appointments are required online or by calling our shop.
If you book for only one piercing but would like to do several once you arrive, we may only have time just do the piercing for which you booked.
• Cancellations must be made within four (4) hours' notice or the deposit will be surrendered. To cancel, you can either follow the link that was emailed upon setting the appointment or call our studio.
• If you call to cancel and do not receive an immediate response, you must leave a message or your cancellation cannot be processed.
• Appointments cannot be created, rescheduled, or canceled via email. Replying to the automated email you were sent will not be seen by our staff and can still result in forfeiting your deposit.
o To cancel an appointment scheduled within the first four (4) hours of our business day, you must either follow the instructions in the link sent upon setting the appointment, or call and leave a message prior to opening of that business day.
• If you do not arrive with the proper ID(s) after making an appointment, you will lose your deposit. It is your responsibility to make sure you know what is required and have everything with you at the time of your appointment.
• If you are late to your appointment by fifteen (15) minutes or more, the deposit may be surrendered. Additionally/alternatively, other clients may be served ahead of you. This depends on the time that we have available for that day.
• The Piercing Shop is not responsible if you book the wrong day or time mistakenly or if you do not properly accommodate time zones when scheduling.
• If you arrive for your appointment and do not have suitable anatomy for the piercing you are seeking, your deposit will be refunded in full.